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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  October 25, 2016 4:00am-5:00am CDT

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>> go cubs. that's the "overnight news" for this tuesday. from the cbs broadcast center in new york, i'm tony dokoupil. trump lays out his first 100 days. >> we are going to have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. >> he has only 15 days left to save his campaign. >> leave here and vote! >> also tonight, the campaign takes another nasty turn. >> get this, donald, nasty women are tough. nasty women are smart. and nasty women vote. >> why pediatricians now advise sleeping in the same room with your infant for a year. can this bag save passengers from an in-flight fire? and, chicago comes down with a fever of 108. >> like the number 108 is just
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this is the cbs overnight news. time is running out for donald trump. trailing in the polls with election day two weeks from today. 30 state are already voting. nearly 5 million ballots have been cast. early voting is under way in parts of florida. a battleground state. and our cbs news poll finds trump down 3 points in florida, which is why major garrett found him there. >> leave here and vote! or we have wasted a hell of a lot of time, energy and in my case, a lot of money! >> reporter: donald trump put on a brave face in florida telling a roundtable with farmers he sees only sunshine. >> i think we are going to win florida big. so i actually think we are winning. >> reporter: trump's schedule says otherwise. at least seven florida stops in
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push for the state's 29 must have electoral votes. trump now routinely scoffs at polls showing him trailing. >> i don't believe the polls anymore. i've don't believe them. i don't believe them. >> reporter: trump acknowledge for the first time what campaign advisers have known for days the odd are against him. >> i guess i am somebehind in the polls but not much. >> that echoed his campaign manager yesterday. >> we are behind. she has some advantages. >> reporter: trump is trailing in battleground states and narrow leads in gop stronghold like texas, arizona, utah and georgia. >> on my first day in office my administration will immediately pursue the following six measures. >> to build enthusiasm. trump offers a blueprint for the first 100 days in office with tough new actions on
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reforms and a limited federal worker hiring freeze. trump's shallow poll numbers are a burden for republicans in tight senate races like marco rubio here in florida. scott, the key for rubio and other similarly situated republicans separate their message from trump's and deploy a get out the vote operation strong enough to with stand a possible trump blowout loss. >> major garrett. thanks. well it is not over until it is over. no candidate down this far, this late has ever co so now, hillary clinton is turning her attention to helping other democrats. here is nancy cordes. >> clinton brought some of her biggest fire power to the smallest battleground state today. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren who blasted trump for this comment. >> such a nasty woman. >> in last debate. >> on november 8, we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes, to
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forever. >> clinton already leads by eight in new hampshire. but went there anyway to help out governor maggie hassen whose senate race is closer. >> unlike her opponent she has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. >> clinton has always been diligent about plugging even low level democrats. >> your amazing lackawanna recorder of deed. evie mcnut ly. as she pulls away from trump she is shifting more time and focus to down ballot races because democrats only need five seats to take control of the senate. >> please, do the right thing. elect, deborah ross. >> in las vegas, president obama followed clinton's lead. >> the other guy supporting donald trump. what the heck? going after gop senate candidate joe heck.
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are cratering, suddenly, he says, well i, no. i don't want, i am not supporting him. too late! >> reporter: clinton's focus on the senate races delights democrats and it is strategic. if she wins she'll have a much better shot at enacting her agenda if her party controls at least one house of congress. nancy cordes, thank you very much. investigators are still trying to figure out who was behind that cyberattack we told you about friday. that crippled sites on the internet. amazon to twitter. jeff pegues has been looking into how the attack was possible and whether a similar assault could threaten the election. >> so i think it was demonstrate power and capacity they have. >> adam meyers works for crowdstrike says some one is sending a message. >> reporter: how could something like this impact an election? >> if you plan to beep
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this could be used to disrupt signals, disrupt your website. use this to disrupt voting stations or infrastructure involved in, you know, tallying votes or something like that. >> federal investigators believe the attackers used mirai, malware, to access devices, thermostats, fitness trackers, smart tv's and baby monitors. people put the devices on. use them quickly and easily as possible they don't go through the steps of setting up, you names. becomes a nice victim for these attackers to start looking for these devices. and then to -- inject their own code into the devices. >> the mirai botnet uses devices to crash a server or website flooding it by data. >> if i call your phone from 1500 phones. it will jam up your phone, right?
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through. >> someone with the user name, anna senpai claimed responsibility for releasing the code some in russian. it included this sentence which says -- "i love chicken nuggets." the hacker may have used that russian code to throw investigators off the track. scott, it takes time for a cyberforensic experts to attribute attacks of this scale. >> jeff pegues in our washington newsroom. thank you. >> california's highway patrol said today there is no indication that a bus driver hit the brakes before a terrible crash yesterday near palm springs. at 5:00 a.m., a bus returning from a casino slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler which had slowed down because of construction. 13 were killed including the bus driver. 31 were hurt. the cbs "overnight news" will be
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cer: you taught him how to hit a baseball. how to hit a receiver. you even taught him how to hit the open man. but how much time have you spent teaching him...
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in california, thousands of national guardmen are being told they have to return bonuses that they received for reenlisting during the wars in iraq and afghanistan. jan crawford is covering the outrage over that. >> tie don't want to pay back something that i earned. >> robert d'andrea retired after national guard when he got a letter saying he need to repay this $20,000 reenlistment bonus. >> they were giving bonuses away in droves. i signed the contract. i got the bonus. i upheld my end of the bargain. >> reporter: he had served as an infantry commander in iraq when his term came up. the bonus helped him to decide to stay in. the bonuses were meant for soldiers with high-demand assignments in units about to
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given to more than 10,000 soldiers, many by mistake. >> it is appalling and disgraceful. >> reporter: house majority leader, kevin mccarthy is asking the defense department to stop the debt collections. >> they sacrificed some unfortunately gave the ultimate sacrifice of life. and now they're going back after ten years. to me it is just wrong. these people should be treated like heroes. not tax cheats. >> the payments came under scrutiny when it was discover that california manager awarded more than 15 million dollars to ineligible soldiers. he was sentenced to 30 months in prison. the guard told the sergeant to return $20,000 and threatened to garnish his wages. he filed a federal lawsuit in february. >> i would like to see them forgive these mistakes that they made, that they blamed on the soldiers. that all they did was raise their hand and scare an oath to
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>> now the defense department says soldiers can go through a formal review process to see if they'll have to repay the improperly awarded bonuses. scott, critics say that is an uncertain fight. >> hard to see how it is the soldiers fault. jan crawford thank you. u.s. forces in iraq are facing stiff resistance from isis. american pilots and special forces are helping iraqi and kurdish troops in an attempt to city. mosul. after a week the force is 10 miles from mosul. holly williams is with them. >> the iraqi military told us they had liberated the town of hamdaniya, we arrived to fine the streets ringing with gunfire. [ gunfire ] in some places isis launched surprise attacks even after iraqi forces think they're in
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and these troops now shoot at anything that moves. this used to be a christian town tough 50,000 people. but its residents all fled isis and now it's shattered and deserted. lieutenant general insisted that his soldiers were only fighting small pockets of resistance. that sound like quite a lot of resistance. i have to tell you. no, he said, this is the military way. they're just clearing the area. bartella has been retaken. we were there two years ago, just before isis seized the town. meeting the local men who were trying to protect it. and visiting the church, where we found them praying in the
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this is the same church today. charred and desecrated. in hamdaniya, christian militiamen have come back to help secure their town. one of them is this man who told us he kissed the ground when we return the night before. and vowed to rebuild. thank god we're back, he told us. even if i die here now, it doesn't matter. holly williams, cbs news, hamdaniya, near mosul. today a small plane en route a surveillance mission over the mediterranean crashed on takeoff in malta. it burst into flames. there it is right there in the center of the screen. five people on board were killed. they were french defense workers. headed back to libya to track human and drug smuggling.
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safety of airliners has come into question, after a number of phones and other devices with lithium ion batteries have caught fire. now some airlines are adopting new emergency equipment and kris van cleave gives us an early look. >> this demonstration shows what happens when a flaming laptop with lithium ion battery is put in a fire resistant bag. open the bag. fireproof gloves, stored in the bag. don the gloves. >> they his company makes hot stop. several materials, one can swit stand up to 3200 degrees. >> it will explode. there will be noise. there will be booms. but it will be within this bag. could blow up like a beachball. it is going to be contained. that's the key. >> so it is layer after layer. >> fireproof components. holding that to let it burn
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>> we had a sales device that kind of exploded, caught on fire. >> after a credit card reader overheated on this alaska airlines flight a year ago the airline joined virgin america putting containment bags on planes. follow the ban of samsung devices, delta and other carriers are now looking at the technology. andy snyder is alaska's vice president of in flight services. >> once a battery starts to implode on itself, it continues until all of the chemical has run out. and so -- it does take a lot of liquid in order to make sure that we try to reduce the heat. they burn very hot. they burn very fast. and it can be a long period of time. the federal aviation administration has concerns about the tags, warning in a safety alert transferring a burning appliance into a burn bag may be extremely hazardous. regulators say airline crews should avoid touching a burning device and instead try to put out the fire with water or
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alaska trains its crews to first douse a flaming device, per faa regulations then put it into the containment bag. scott the bag is put in a bathroom away from passengers to give pilots time to safely land. >> kris van cleave. thank you. new advice for parents that could mean a big hange at bedtime. and, long suffering cubs' fans hope this could finally be
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american academy of pediatrics has surprise new england advice out tonight for parents. they should sleep in the same room as their infant children until those children reach their first birthday. to reduce possibility of sids. dr. taranarula is here to till us more. >> hi, scott. this recommendation reinforces parents putting babies to bed on their backs on a firm mattress that is flat without any soft bedding, pillows, toys, bumpers in the crib. in addition what is new, the recommendation about room sharing.
4:21 am
for minimum of sex months up to a year shown to decrease sids by 50%. the thinking is parents may be better able to feed monitor and comfort they're baby in the room. >> what else can parents do? >> give their babies, pacifiers, breast-feed, up to date on immunizations, tummy time and avoid smoking and alcohol. one of the nice things, they were realistic about parenting. of in the middle of the night. exhausted. take your baby to feed them go to a couch or armchair. not what pediatricians want you to do. the baby can get wedged or trapped there. instance if you fall asleep if you are going to in your own bed. when you wake up. put the baby in their crib or basinet. >> dr. narula. thank you for joining us. we'll say good-bye to a 1960s rock 'n' roll heartthrob.
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in the '70s he married jane fonda and posed with this fbi file, which number 22,000 pages. hayden served in the california legislature. tom hayden, had a stroke last year, died yesterday in santa monica, at 76. the day the music died was the day bobby vee's rock 'n' roll career was born. vee a 15-year-old unknown in 1959. when his band, filled in for buddy holly, richie valens and the big bopper after their plane crashed en route to a concert. ? like a ball bouncing back to you ? >> rubber ball one of vee's hits in the '60s and this was another. ? take good care of my baby ? >> bobby vee died today of alzheimers disease. he was 73. and we'll be right back. >> announcer: this portion is sponsored by pacific life.
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the cubs have not won a world series since 1908. but chicago has hope tonight that the cubs will soon reign again ending the longest championship droug professional sports. here's our cub reporter dean reynolds. >> the cubs have won the pennant. >> reporter: chicago is running a fever these days. cubs' fever. from the water at daly plaza turning cubby blue, to the art institute's lions and their new caps, the city is swooning. >> a new feeling.
4:28 am
>> it's awesome. awesome. glad to be part of it. let's go, cubs. >> the grass at the friendly confines, insignia induces a double take. seeing this sign here at wrigley field mean cubs fans hatch replaced an old fantasy with a new reality. >> we have all the different 108s up here. >> reporter: ordinarily 108 years without a title is not great, but to grant deporter, that number, cubs and history are all perfectly aligned. >> the cub games are broadcast from the top of wells towe >> deporter runs the restaurant group and says 108 portents good fortune for the cubs but not cleveland. 10 # baseballs. sees fateful signs in everything from 108 stitches in the baseball, to 10 # pitches in jon lester's last win to pitcher kyle hendrick's birthday. >> born december 7, 19 # 9, 12 plus 7 plus it is 108. >> 108 is their success? couldn't be a curse? >> no. >> reporter: for the cubs' last trip to the world series in 1945
4:29 am
tickets went for $6 or $80. today if you want a seat to this year's, it will cost you an average of about $5,000. but they are selling. after all, these are the cubs. this could be a once in a lifetime experience. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. and that's the "overnight news" for this tuesday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back for the morning news. be sure not to miss cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city.
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? ? ? ? it's tuesday, october 25th, 2016. now two weeks from the presidential election. this is the cbs >> such a nasty -- >> campaigning for hillary clinton, a fiery elizabeth warren uses donald trump's words against him. >> on november 8th we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever. >> and gaining ground in the
4:31 am
support behind down ballot candida candidates. and trump slamming clinton and the president as obama care announced rises. >> even clinton admitted that obama care is the craziest thing in the world. >> his other targets, polsters and the latest woman to accuse him of sexual assault. the search grows for the man accused of streaming his spree on social media. and a new study highlight as glaring problem with headlights in some popular pick ups. ? good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news head quarters here in new york. i'm anne marie green. just two weeks before the election and donald trump is lashing out at the polls, the media and those accusing him of sexual assault.
4:32 am
in person early voting began yesterday. both trump and hillary clinton are campaigning there today. roxanna, good morning. >> reporter: it is safe to say the sunshine state is a must win for trump after a round of new polls put previously red states in play for clinton. on monday trump was in attack mode, starting with obama care. donald trump capped the second day of a three-day push through florida railing against care premiums set to increase by double digits next year. >> it's over for obama care and hillary clinton wants to double down and make it more expensive. >> reporter: at a round table in buoyanten beach, the republican nominee blasted preelection polls, including ones showing him trailing clinton in most battleground states. >> they are phoney polls. >> reporter: and he hit back
4:33 am
accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> one said she grabbed me on the arm and she's a porn star. >> reporter: there was a full core press. she criticized her opponent. >> this is someone who roots for failure. and takes glee in mocking our country. >> reporter: along side clinton, massachusetts senator, elizabeth warren. >> he thinks that because he has a mouth full of tick tacks that he woman within groping distance. >> on jimmy kimmel live. >> if you are willing to say anything and do anything, yeah, that's a problem. >> reporter: with 14 days left in the race, clinton has already begun looking past the republican nominee, turning her focus to helping other democrats on the ballot. now yesterday trump's campaign unveiled a new nightly
4:34 am
speculation the republican nominee will launch a media network after the election. meanwhile, the latest battleground tracking poll shows her leading trump in a number of key states. anthony has the details. the state of the race with two weeks to go finds hillary clinton leading in the national polling and the polling in enough battleground states, the ones that will decide the election, that should she hang on to enough of those she'll be in position to get the electoral votes. even places like arizona, georgia and now the latest cbs news poll finds a close race in texas where trump is up by three points. underperforming with key democratkey demographics that tho typically vote republican. and that 2 week window isn't
4:35 am
has started. many ballots are cast before that november 8th date and up to 40% of total votes cast nation wide will probably be absentee or early. in florida, early voting has started now. a million now battles have come in. so, that puts a premium on campaign's, organizations and their closing message. cbs news, new york. morning" we'll look at election hacking concerns and what officials are doing to try to prevent cyber attacks. the sign up season for the affordable care act begins november 1st. and there will be a significant jump in cost for so-called obama care and fewer choices. they say premiums for midlevel plans will increase by an average of 25% in 2017, but in some states the jump is
4:36 am
the average monthly premium for a midlevel plan would be 3$302 next year, up from this year and one in five consumers will have plans available from just one insurer. subsidies will rise along with premiums and most consumers will be insulated from the cost increase. a tragic cost at a popular amusement park in australia's east coast, four people were killed when a water ride malfunctions. two were thrown from rafts they were riding while two others were trapped under water. and isis is claiming responsibility for an attack on a police training center in pakistan that killed at least 59 people. it's located in southwest pakistan. three attackers wearing suicide vests opened fire late yesterday at a school dormitory.
4:37 am
wounded in the attack which lasted five hours. most of the victims were police cudets. some were taken hostage. two blew themselves up and one was killed by a security guard. u.s. backed iraqi and kurdish forces are retaking mosul. so far small villages near mosul have been liberated. the u.s. continues to carry out air it's reported that hundreds of isis fighters are fleeing mosul and crossing the border into neighboring syria. in syria, state media reports government forces recaptured part of aleppo followliing a three-day ceasefire. there is intense fighting on the ground. a manhunt is underway in oklahoma this morning for a man
4:38 am
that included murder, car jackings and shooting two police officers. michael vance is one of two men who fired at police officers sunday night. one was arrested and vance fled in a police car. he posted live videos on facebook taunting police. he went to a mobile home park, stole a car and opened fire as he drove away. >> he got about right here, pointed the gun over here, shot two at us said get down, get down. so, i got down but i had already been shot. >> it's believed he then murdered his aunt and uncle. vance is accused of stealing another car near the texas border yesterday. auto insurers are questioning the effectiveness of headlights on pick up trucks. you don't have to be behind the
4:39 am
the 10th pick up truck tom evans has owned but he says the headlights are not like the others. >> there's suppose ood be almost a spotlight type effect. >> reporter: the lights on his vehicle got a marginal rating from the insurance institute for highway safety. they evaluated 11 of the most popular pick up trucks. researchers tested the amount of lighting it provides. this shows the honda ridge line, the only one to earn a good rating and the chevrolet colorado at the bottom of the list. >> they're not going to provide a wide enough distribution of light to allow drivers to see where they need to. >> reporter: they say poorly designed headlights could cause problems for oncoming traffic.
4:40 am
other drivers and they factored in the high beams and leds. >> i supplement it with the running lights or the fog lights, which are actually closer to the ground, which will light up the ground directly in front of the vehicle. >> reporter: but he hopes auto manufacturers will make changes by the time he buys another truck. cbs news wood bridge, have a have the faithful look ahead of game 1 of the world series against the indians. and the daughter of a fallen police officer has special company on her first day of school. this is. day of school. this is it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon
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and jinxes. they'll try for their first world series title in 108 years tonight. >> it's a neat feeling because we've never been here before. >> awesome glad to be here. let's go cubs. >> the series will shift to chicago on friday night after games in cleveland. brokers are asking 5 to $10,000 for a box seat at wrigley field. some people are going to find that money. a california girl has a memorable first day of school. and a former top pennsylvania official is sentenced. the philadelphia inquirer reports on yesterday's sentencing of pennsylvania's former attorney general. kathleen cane could spend 10 to 20 months in jail if appeals fail. she was convicted in august of perjury and obstruction.
4:44 am
and lied to embarrass a rival. and jared fogle's ex-wife is suing subway. she claims executives knew about his sexual interest in children but did nothing about it. he's serving nearly 16 years in prison for child pornography convictions. the defense portrayed in a popular podcast is awaiting retrial in the murder of his high school girlfriend. he spent more than 17 years in custody. the record in new jersey says the ship that saved 7 during the infamous "perfect storm" can no longer be kept afloat. it will become part of an artificial wreath to attract game fish. and the desert sun of california reports that a fallen
4:45 am
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on the cbs money watch the top performing brands on the road and reported layoffs at twitter. hannah daniels at the new york stock exchange. >> good morning. investors reacted positively to the state of shaking and moving. there were almost $100 billions in deals, ipo activities. the dow jones gained 77 points, the s&p 500 rose 10 and the nasdaq finished the day 52 points higher. for the first time in more than 35 years an american car brand has cracked the top three of automobiles reliability. buick was third behind lexus and toyota. one reason they ranked so well
4:48 am
no truck-based suvs. audi and kia rounded out the top five. the federal government wants auto makers to make cyber security a top priority. they issued security guidelines for shielding auto, electronic and computer systems from hacking. they had already been addressing hacking threats after they took remote control of a jeep cherok cherokee. twitter may cut 8% of its work force. they may be announced before ait announces its third quarter earnings on thursday. they basically put themselves up for sale but there were no takers. and american girl, the popular doll is coming to toys r us. while some american girl dolls are available at other stores, this will be the first time a u.s.-based retailer will feature
4:49 am
they'll open at about 200 toys r us locations nation wide. >> just in time for the holiday season. they know what they're doing. still to come the president takes on social media trolls. president obama shares some mean tweets on jimmy kimmel. >> obama couldn't negotiate getting a whopper without pickles@wood stock dave. thanks, dave. pickles at wood stock. (chuckle) ( ? ) come on, dad. ( ? ) ? they tell me i'm wrong ?
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? talkin' 'bout my, my love ? you ready, dad? ? whoa-ooh ?
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's here's a look at today's forecast in cities around the country. ? ? barack obama is the sharknado of presidents.
4:52 am
#sharknado 4. president obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the united states. exclamation point. @real donald trump. well,@real donald trump. at least i will go down as a president. >> yikes. last night was president obama's final reading of mean tweets on jimmy kimmel live, putting to use the donald trump tweets and his way. those are alw cleveland hosting its first world series opener ever and celebrating the cavaliers nba title and lebron james thought free ice cream would make it even sweeter. they're sending trucks to the indians ball park and the cavs arena next door. coming up after your local news on cbs this morning, actor
4:53 am
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well, over heating phones have several airlines adding fire containment bags on planes to try to prevent a disaster. chris van cleev explains how those bags work. >> reporter: this demonstration shows flaming laptop is put in a fire resistant bag. >> open the bag, fire proof gloves are in the bag. >> reporter: thomas connolly's company makes the hot stop. it can with stand temperatures -- >> there will be noise, there will be booming but it's going to be within this bag. could blow up like a beach ball
4:56 am
fire proof components holding that to let it burn itself out. >> we had a sales device that caught on fire. >> reporter: after a year ago, the virgin american inputting the containment bags on all planes. and this samsung phone that started smoking, now delta and other carriers are the technology. >> once a battery starts to implode on itself, it continues until all of the chemical has run out and so it does take a lot of liquid in order to make sure that we reduce the heat. they burn very hot and fast and it can be for quite a long period of time. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration warning that transferring a burning appliance into a burn bag may be extremely hazardous.
4:57 am
should avoid touching a burning device and instead try to put it out with a chemical fire suppressant. alaska trains to first douse and then put into the containment bag then placed in a bathroom to give pilots time to safely land. regan national airport, virginia. just two weeks to go before the election and both hla campaign in florida. yesterday trump blasted preelection polls, calling them phoney. clinton campaigned in new hampshire with warren. warren blasted trump for his nasty woman comment in the last debate. >> on november 8th, we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty
4:58 am
lives forever. >> the latest cbs battleground tracker poll shows clinton leading trump in a number of key states. coming up on "cbs this morning" campaign sacheration. we'll take you to ohio where voters are being overwhelmed by millions of dollars of ads by the candidates. and dry salt therapy rooms that promise to help people breathe easier. thanks for watching, have a great day.
4:59 am
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...what you can do right now - to make your community safer. the punishment for one corridor woman - for her role in the death of a local teen. plus - why governor branstad is not a fan of the recent minimum wage hikes in johnson and linn counties. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm jenee ryan. ryan. let's get a check of our cbs 2


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